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How to Join /Process

If you’re a first time, beginner, or just need a coach, our visitor day pass comes with 45 mins with one of our personnel. Please check the list of instructors below and pick a time that suits you and reach out to the coach working on that day. 
You will need a set of climbing shoes and a harness, we can rent it to you for 15 SAR each for the whole day if you don’t have it available. 
Once confirmed with the coach, please make the transfer, then proceed to fill the form below.

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Visitor Pass Registration Form

Visitor Day Pass Cost: 75 SAR
Optional: Climbing Shoes: 15 SAR
Optional: Climbing Harness: 15 SAR

Bank Information/ معلومات الحساب البنكي

Account Name: The edge entertainment Center
Account Name: مؤسسة طرف الحافة للترفيه
IBAN: SA3710000001400017227500
Bank Name: Alahli/ Saudi National Bank – بنك الأهلي

Monthly Membership

If you’re interested in being a more permanent monthly membership, then you can register up for the full month through the link identified below.

Please make the transfer to our bank account then fill the form below. Once filled, your name will be at the school security gate.

Monthly Membership Registration Form

Monthly Membership Costs: 400 SAR


Makki Alkurdi

I Started my climbing journey in 2018. At the beginning it was just an activity to do with some friends. Then over the years it gaining a bigger foothold in my life over time. Today I like to think of myself as a member of a community, an instructor, and a part of The Edge.

Timeslot: Every Wednesday 6pm to 9pm
Contact: 0544833481
Please confirm before attending

Aziz Basri

A father of two, Abdelaziz discovered climbing at a time where he was moving away from the confines of the indoor and exploring the freedom that the outdoor brings. His love for being active and outdoors propelled him to become a center of the climbing community. Together with his children who have gained his active nature, he is a central figure in our community.

Aziz Timeslot: Every Friday
Contact: 0544833481
Please confirm before attending

Hatim Alerwi

Hatim Alerwi is a climber since 2020 First being introduced to climbing outdoor first in Hariq, a three-hour drive south of Riyadh where he found the combination of nature and activity to take him to higher heights. Then from their his journey took him to Dyno, a climbing gym in Dammam. Today he is a certified instructor where he teaches the newer general the sport that gave him personal growth and decided to dedicate his energies to developing the sport of climbing in the Kingdom.

Timeslot: Every Saturday
Contact: 0544833481
Please confirm before attending


Opening Times


  • Time: 6:15pm – 9pm
  • Coach: None


  • Time: Closed


  • Time: Closed


  • Time: 6:00pm – 9pm
  • Coach: Makki (link to Above)


  • Time: 6:00pm – 9pm
  • Coach: None


  • Time: 10am – 5pm
  • Coach: Aziz Basri(link to Above)


  • Time: 10am – 3:30pm
  • Coach: Hatim Alerwi(link to Above)

Price List

Day Pass: 75 SAR
Monthly Membership: 400 SAR
Dedicated 2 hour Introductory Session: 150 SAR
Dedicated 2 hour Training Session: 150 SAR
Climbing Shoe Rental: 15 SAR
Climbing Harness Rental: 15 SAR